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Boyne River - Anglican Parish

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St Mark's is the primary worship Centre of the Anglican Parish of Boyne River in the Diocese of Rockhampton. The Boyne River Parish is as diverse as it is large, with other worship Centres in Miriam Vale  and Lowmead.

 St Mark's Boyne Island serves the Anglican community in the twinned communities of Boyne Island and Tannum Sands. 

St. Mark's Boyne Island
Located: Cnr. Malpas St. & Sayre Cres., Boyne Island
Sunday worship - 8:30 AM 
Tuesday - Craft@StMarks: 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Wednesday - Communion or Prayer & Praise: 10:00 AM
                  followed by cuppa, cake & fellowship on the veranda
                     - Bible study, discussion & prayer group: 1:30 PM
St Mary's.jpg
St. Mary's Miriam Vale
Located:  3 Larson Street, Miriam Vale

Worship:  4:00 PM, on 1st & 3rd  Sunday of the month



St. Luke's Lowmead
Located:  6 John Clifford Way, Lowmead
Worship: 4:00 PM on the 4th Sunday of the month



HERITAGE LISTED        St Luke's
Church of England

St. Luke's Church was established in 1924 and is heritage listed. The church has a strong connection with the Boyne Island community having been designed and built by pioneer families and has served the community as a church, school and meeting place since 1924.This important part of Church and local history stands side by side with  St Mark's Anglican Church in Boyne Island. St Luke's is still used for worship on special occasions and is ideal as a Wedding Chapel for small gatherings. 

The Parish of Boyne River is a part of the Anglican Diocese of Rockhampton:

Our Diocesan Web-Page -

Enquiries: (07) 4927 318
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